Royalty Kieu Clervoix.

A duo of undergarment and casual wear styles featuring classic Royalty with silhouettes of Luxury.

We believe that style is created from the bottom up, elevating a man’s confidence and sex appeal both in public and private…

Royalty Kieu Clervoix is always thinking ahead, anticipating fashion’s next evolution. Our international fabric sourcing is fueled by our desire to develop garments which exceed the quality of what is currently available in today’s market.

Royalty Kieu Clervoix is a reflection of the influences of our environment, paying homage to established evolutionary brands of the past.  Respectfully reserving a fresh experience of comfort for the true enthusiast, we create apparel suitable for the modern man.  Colors assorted from signature, luxury, to classic collection. Today and Forever…

Royalty Kieu Clervoix was founded in Beverly Hills and currently operates creatively and logistically out of Downtown LA.


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